Hunter College High School Class of 1961
50th Reunion - Saturday Night Party
at Marge Landsberg's - Page 2

Jim Himonas, Jill Saxon's husband, and John Flowers, Roberta Dannenfelser's husband, listen.  (Photo: Habib)
Pat Williams addresses the group. (Photos: Habib)
Jean Boudwin and Jill Saxon reprising their "act" -- reading "Everybody's Doing It" from the Senior Sing.
(Left Photo: Habib)Right Photo:  Tiefer
Anna Napoli, Janet Fensterer.  Photo: Habib)
Jean Boudwin, Ellen Silverman; Anita Lerman (Photo: Lechner)
Singing the Senior Sing
We gathered in Marge's living room and sang through all of the songs from our Senior Sing, with our Senior Class pianists, Janet Fensterer and Betty Berneck Belina, alternating at the piano (my musician husband, Leonard Lehrman, also helped out with accompaniments). Even more classmates showed up* (see photos).  An amazing thing happened: many of the husbands/partners joined in the singing!  When we came to the song extolling Miriam Burstein, we rehearsed, and then recorded, her song, which was later burned onto a CD and mailed to her with some photos from the reunion. Someone's husband commented that the energy in the room was palpable.
Jane Walk's fiance (upstage-center) was among the spouses/partners who sang along with us.  (Photo: Habib.)
Margie Werdenschlag,, Jane Walk, Barbara Rohr, Ruth Martinsen, Marge Gamso. (Photo: Tiefer)
Note Jane Chaplin having the time of her life (upper right). (Photo: Habib)
Marge Landsberg, Roberta Dannenfelser, Marge Deissenberger.  (Photo: Habib)
Marcia Leifschutz
Naomi Reice
Sondra Schecter
Two group shots. (Photos: Tiefer)
*Marcia Leifschutz, Marge Gamso, Jane Chaplin, Naomi Reice and Sondra Schecter did not attend any other event.