Hunter College High School Class of 1961
50th Reunion - Saturday Night Party
at Marge Landsberg's - Page 1
Our just dessert!  (Photo: Habib)
Buffet table. (Photo: Tomaszewicz)
Andrea Amster. (Photo: Lechner)
Roberta Dannenfelser and husband, John Flowers, watching PowerPoint display.  (Photo: Habib)
Mary Lechner, Susan Gerbi. Taken with Mary's camera.
Remembering our deceased classmates. (Photo: Tiefer)
Muriel Shur, Ann Koppelman, and Muriel's husband, Nat Kranowski.  Camera is a CoolPix; photographer was ?
Boudwin & Wexler by Lechner.
Diane Levine, Sandra Pinker.  (Photo: Rothenberg)
Phyllis Klein, Yvette Goertz, Marge Deissenberger, Annette Musto, Diane Levine, Andrea Amster and Ann Koppelman, looking at the PowerPoint display. (Photo: Tiefer)
Marge's terrace. (Photo: Tiefer)
Mary Lechner; Helene Williams and husband Leonard Lehrman.  (Photo: Tiefer)
Marge Werdenschlag and Janet Fensterer watch Marge Landsberg slice the cake. (Photo: Tiefer)
Renee Pachter, Mary Lechner, Marge Landsberg; Phyllis Klein above Mary; Jane Walk to left of mirror; Janet Fensterer at the piano; Helene Williams.  (Photo: Tiefer)